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Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace․game Represent a Combination of Reality, Game Development, and High Technology



Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace․game Represent a Combination of Reality, Game Development, and High Technology

press release

PRESS RELEASE. Voxel Crazy Head and Metaspace.game invite users to create their own avatars and take part in a thrilling metaverse adventure.

What Is Voxel Crazy Head?

Voxel Crazy Head is a blockchain-based collection of 10,000 unique NFT heads that also function as keys to the metaverse. The voxel head becomes a digital avatar, gaining access to the Metaspace.game meta platform. Each head’s unique DNA code impacts the character’s fate. The collection contains 12 attributes with 324 possible values; and the number of combinations is 40778090496000.

Gain Access to Metaspace.game With Voxel Crazy Head

Metaspace.game is a symbiosis of reality, game development and high technology. The graphics are implemented with the Unreal Engine game engine. The main objective of the metaverse is to integrate all high-tech services and technologies into a single virtual realm, including shops, banks, online cinemas, social networks, delivery services, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, trade, etc.

Consider the following scenario: a user wishes to purchase a plot of land in some area for construction. The user connects to Metaspace.game, selects the area of interest and teleports their avatar there. It allows them to explore the area virtually, inquire about land sales, and negotiate a purchase agreement. For instance, suppose a user wishes to purchase an apartment in one of the buildings in Singapore. By connecting to Metaspace.game, they can select the building of their choice. Then the user can virtually view the interior of an apartment in the building if the building is participating in the ‘metaspace digital copy’ program, and a digital copy of the apartment is stored in the database.

Regarding purchasing items, it is similar – for instance, if a user wishes to purchase sneakers, they can go to Metaspace.game and visit the appropriate store. The user will be assisted by an avatar consultant in the virtual store and shown the available products. After making a selection and paying for goods in the metaverse, the store will deliver the sneakers to the user in reality.

Not All Digital Assets in the Metaverse Will Be Linked to Real Ones

As part of the platform, exclusive virtual assets will also be available. For example, a user may purchase a virtual plot of land and construct a house. In the future, they can resell this house to another avatar interested in buying it. In addition, avatars need to have housing to obtain new opportunities. Besides renting residential or commercial properties, participants will also have the opportunity to rent shops, ready-made businesses, robots, equipment, and transportation services.

Along with various services, the team will also add gameplay to the platform. Some people can conveniently use the metaverse as a hub for various services, but others may be looking for an adrenaline rush – in that case, welcome to gameplay. Avatars of users can acquire essential skills, purchase or rent necessary equipment (transport, robots, exoskeletons) and explore unknown planets. An avatar’s exploration of an unknown planet may be risky, as the avatar may die during the expedition, and then all their achievements will be lost, and they will need to start over from scratch.

Users will, however, also have the opportunity to find something very interesting/expensive during the expedition and return as heroes. Afterwards, they will increase their level and authority, enabling them to receive more exciting contract offers. The platform also offers the option to save before sending an avatar on an expedition, but the number of saves will be limited.

The game’s story begins at the spaceport ‘C-101’, as depicted in the trailer above. From C-101, the avatars are sent to the high-tech city of ‘Cradle 3252’ on Mars. Cradle 3252 is a system of six islands connected by an artificial sea, and a large dome covers the entire city. Cradle 3252 is the heart of the metaverse.


Avatars are 3D models of men and women. During avatar generation, users will be able to choose their avatar’s gender identity. Avatars possess specific characteristics, such as IQ, health, agility, strength, etc. In light of this, it is necessary to attain the required characteristic level to carry out specific actions within the metaverse. For example, an avatar with poor health and low strength/agility will not be sent on an expedition due to the likelihood of death. It is, therefore, necessary for participants to constantly upgrade their avatars.

Avatars are the main asset in the metaverse, the more developed they are, the more benefits/earnings they can provide. An avatar with a higher IQ can receive the most favourable deals. For example, an avatar with an IQ of 70 will be able to lock tokens at 15%, and an avatar with an IQ of 100 at 23%. An avatar that has completed the training course ‘Architect of Meta-Islands’ can be involved in developing the concept of a brand-new island. After completing the work, the avatar will receive payment in tokens.

Each avatar has unique DNA. Before being sent to Mars, all avatars are injected with a synthetic genome to exist in artificial gravity. This genome affects different DNA in differing ways. Some avatars display telepathic abilities; some become very powerful, and others are incredibly agile.

Desktop and Mobile Versions of the Platform

The desktop version of the platform is the first stage of development to ensure full functionality and gameplay.

The second stage of the development process is developing a shortened version of the functionality for mobile devices. The platform’s mobile version will have limited gameplay capabilities due to the technical limitations of mobiles. Users can however, manage investments, conclude contracts, conduct transactions, and use some services that do not place a heavy load on the device’s hardware via the mobile version.


There will be a token issued in the metaverse for the internal economy. The project’s white paper provides a detailed description of token distribution, and the token is planned to be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. The team will incorporate staking into the project to maintain and develop its internal economic system. Metaspace.game participants can manage their investments, sign contracts, and trade using their accounts. Currently, work is in progress on the creation of the cabinet.

Take whitelist here: https://www.premint.xyz/voxel-crazy-head-final-raffle/

Please visit the following websites or social media platforms for more information:

Voxel Crazy Head: http://voxelcrazyhead.com/

VCH Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoxelCrazyHead

Metaspace.game: http://metaspace.game/

VCH Discord: http://discord.gg/VCH

VCH Telegram: https://t.me/voxelcrazyhead_official

Contact Voxel Crazy Head: [email protected]

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Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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Chainlink eyes 25% rally ahead of LINK staking launch in December



Chainlink eyes 25% rally ahead of LINK staking launch in December

Chainlink (LINK) looks poised for a 25% price rally in the days leading up to its staking protocol launch, based on several fundamental and technical factors.

Chainlink’s price rallies ahead of staking launch

The staking feature, which will go live as v0.1 in beta mode on Dec. 6, comes as a part of the so-called “Chainlink Economics 2.0” that focuses on boosting LINK holders’ reward-earning opportunities for “helping increase the crypto economic security” of Chainlink’s oracle services.

Earlier, Chainlink users had to launch their own nodes to receive rewards in LINK tokens. The staking feature effectively opens new avenues for them to earn LINK rewards that could, in theory, boost demand for the token.

Additionally, demand for LINK’s parent platform, Chainlink, as an oracle service provider, should also increase.

David Gokhshtein, founder of blockchain-focused media company Gokhshtein Media, believes it could happen in the wake of the recent FTX collapse.

The analyst highlighted how traders have been seeking more clarity on exchanges’ reserves after the FTX fiasco, which can boost demand for oracle services like Chainlink and, in turn, push LINK’s price higher.

$LINK is definitely being overlooked. With everything that’s happened and with the new “Proof of Reserves” being pushed out there, ChainLink will be used to push that data out there.

— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) November 26, 2022

Chainlink Labs launched its proof-of-reserve auditing services to exchanges on Nov. 10.

The speculations have helped LINK’s price rally in recent days. Notably, Chainlink’s price gained 35.50% eight days after bottoming out locally at around $5.50 — trading for as much as $7.50 on Nov. 29, its highest level in two weeks.

The LINK/USD pair now eyes further upside in the near term, price technicals suggest.

A failed LINK price breakdown

LINK reclaimed its multi-week rising support trendline on Nov. 29, three weeks after losing it in the wake of the FTX-led market sell-off.

In doing so, the Chainlink token also invalidated its prevailing ascending triangle breakdown setup toward $4.

It now trades inside the pattern’s range, eyeing a rally toward the upper trendline near $9.40, up 25% from the current price levels, by the second week of December, as shown below.

LINK/USD three-day price chart. Source: TradingView

Michaël van de Poppe, market analyst and founder of Eight Global, also anticipates LINK to hit or cross above $9

#Chainlink showing a ton of strength, also expecting continuation there to happen.

If I didn’t have a long yet (but I do), then I’d be targeting for something like this in which I’d be looking at $9 area for a TP. pic.twitter.com/rRdv4eL91H

— Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) November 29, 2022

Moreover, a bullish continuation move above the $9.40 resistance could have LINK eye $16 next, the ascending triangle breakout target.

Related: Binance publishes official Merkle Tree-based proof of reserves

Conversely, slipping below the triangle’s lower trendline again risks bringing the breakdown setup toward $4 back in play, down about 45% from current prices.

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.

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Non-whale Bitcoin investors break new BTC accumulation record



Non-whale Bitcoin investors break new BTC accumulation record

Some non-whale Bitcoin (BTC) investors seem to have had zero issues with the cryptocurrency bear market as well as fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) around the fall of FTX, on-chain data suggests.

Smaller retail investors have turned increasingly bullish on Bitcoin and started accumulating more BTC despite the ongoing market crisis, according to a report released by the blockchain intelligence platform Glassnode on Nov. 27.

According to the data, there are at least two types of retail Bitcoin investors that have been accumulating the record amount of BTC following the collapse of FTX.

The first type of investors — classified as shrimps — defines entities or investors that hold less than 1 Bitcoin, $16,500 at the time of writing, while the second type — crabs — are a category of addresses holding up to 10 BTC, $165,000 at the time of writing.

“Shrimp” investors have reportedly added 96,200 BTC ($1,6 billion) to their portfolios following the FTX crash in early November, which is an “all-time high balance increase.” This type of investor collectively holds 1.21 million BTC, or $20 billion at the time of writing, which is equivalent to 6.3% of the current circulating supply of 19.2 million coins, according to Glassnode.

In the meantime, “crabs” have bought about 191,600 BTC, or $3.1 billion, over the past 30 days, which is also a “convincing all-time-high,” the analysts said. According to the data, the new milestone has broken a previous high of BTC accumulation recorded by crabs in July 2022 at the peak of 126,000 BTC, or $2 billion, bought per month.

Bitcoin net position change for addresses holding up to 10 BTC. Source: Glassnode

While crabs and shrimps have been accumulating record amounts of Bitcoin, large Bitcoin investors have been selling. According to Glassnode, Bitcoin whales have released about 6,500 BTC, or $107 million, to exchanges over the past month, which remains a very small portion of their total holdings of 6.3 million BTC, $104 billion.

The behavior of shrimps and crabs seems to be interesting given the latest industry events, with Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange becoming a subject of a massive industry scandal involving alleged fraud and funds misappropriation.

On the other hand, some big Bitcoin investors have claimed to keep being bullish on Bitcoin despite the ongoing crisis, with the government of El Salvador starting purchasing BTC on a daily basis, starting from Nov.17. Twitter CEO Elon Musk also expressed confidence that Bitcoin “will make it” despite the current industry issues, but there might be a “long crypto winter,” he said.

Related: Exchange outflows hit historic highs as Bitcoin investors self-custody

In the aftermath of the fall of FTX, Bitcoin immediately lost about $6,000 of its value, plummeting from around $21,000 below $16,000 in mid-November. The cryptocurrency has been slightly recovering over the past few weeks, edging up to no higher than $17,000.

At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $16,500, or up around 1.7% over the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinGecko.

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President of Bank of Brazil Shows ‘Open Finance’ Digital Real Concept Featuring Stablecoin Integration and Payments Functionality



President of Bank of Brazil Shows ‘Open Finance’ Digital Real Concept Featuring Stablecoin Integration and Payments Functionality

digital real

Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Bank of Brazil, explained the role that the Brazilian central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital real, might play in the future of personal finance. At an event, Neto explained the concept of “open finance,” showing a “super app” that featured PIX (a payments network) functionality, and also integration with other stablecoins already available.

Digital Real Might Connect Directly With Cryptocurrencies

The proposed Brazilian CBDC, the digital real, is ostensibly growing to have more and more functions. Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Bank of Brazil, showed the concept the bank has for the finished version of the currency. On Nov 25. at an online event, Campos Neto introduced the ideas that the institution has for the currency, under the “open finance” name.

This idea includes the integration of the digital real, which is still under development, with traditional and decentralized financial structures and institutions. A “super app,” that will allow customers to hold stablecoins and the CBDC, was also shown in the event, showcasing the connection the system will have with the already available PIX payments network.

On the app mockup, Campos Neto clarified:

This is basically a teaser of what this integration I’m talking about will be. Instead of having several apps on your cell phone, from several banks, you will have some kind of integrator.

In this way, the app will allow the users to have a complete picture of their savings, traditional or crypto-based, in just one place.

A Push for Digitization

While the digital real concept has been in development for quite some time, there is no estimated date for its completion, as the central bank and other organizations continue to test the different implementations and functions this new coin would have. However, Campos Neto stated that the currency will be a bridge to decentralized finance, as the country pushes towards monetary digitization.

On this, Campos Neto explained:

The digital real part is a bridge to the defi environment. We are bringing the digital world to the banking system. Several other central banks are doing the opposite. They are actually pushing digital out of banking.

However, contrary to what Campos Neto states, several central bank digital currencies are already being tested by myriad central banks. The European Union is currently studying the implementation of a digital euro and is expected to regulate it soon. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is also piloting an interoperable network of central bank wholesale digital money, and a proposal has surged in Argentina to eliminate physical money.

What do you think about Campos Neto’s open finance concept for the digital real? Tell us in the comments section below.

Sergio Goschenko

Sergio is a cryptocurrency journalist based in Venezuela. He describes himself as late to the game, entering the cryptosphere when the price rise happened during December 2017. Having a computer engineering background, living in Venezuela, and being impacted by the cryptocurrency boom at a social level, he offers a different point of view about crypto success and how it helps the unbanked and underserved.

Image Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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